Natural Looking

Beautiful grass is a combination of good quality and a pleasant appearance. With us, you get both. Our grass looks natural, and this authentic appearance is much appreciated by our customers, resulting in fast sales for the importers. Our grass may be synthetic but apart from being of top quality it’s also eco-friendly. It does not release chemicals into the air and requires minimum maintenance. Being artificial it also saves you a lot of water in irrigation.

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Pet Friendly

Our grass is non-toxic and ideal for pet owners, they provide beautiful and resilient landscaping for years to come. Dogs love that it’s soft and looks and feels just like real grass, any mess is easily picked up and washed away, urine drains right through the turf. Dogs stay cleaner and no more muddy paw prints in the house.

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Conserve Water

An excellent water conservation product, but also environmentally friendly in many other ways and is a truly “green” product. It is 100% recyclable, reduces carbon emissions, re-utilizes waste and preserves our precious water resources.

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About us

SPORTS QUIP is a preferred installer of Belgotex Carpets with their range of DURA TURF landscape lawn. Our artificial turf covers a variety of applications, including sports (hockey, soccer & golf), landscaping, indoor use for home (pet-friendly) & commercial space and playgrounds.

We have a global vision and a brand that prides itself on Customer satisfaction. The latest technology is used in our products of artificial grass to ensure that we are always improving and providing the best quality grass on the market.

Our main focus is to support local accredited Forest Grass resellers. We do this by ensuring that they have the necessary training and skill to complete your job to match our high standards.

Our attractive turf is ideal for areas where a green landscape is preferred yet real turf is impractical due to high traffic, whether indoors, or outdoors. If you are aiming for a lush garden look, or a short neat look – we have the product that will suit your application perfectly and create that dream area or garden you have always wished

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Why our products work

Our synthetic grass is being used a great deal within a range of different types of hotels both large and small, whether it be to create a fantastic new reception area on the likes of a roof or to create small atmospheric intimate breakfast areas leading from a suite or room creating mini and seating areas for all guests to enjoy.

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